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At MapHunter, we’re looking for tour guides who will use our technology to showcase their cities from every possible angle. Instead of just guiding the travellers through the main tourist attractions, we want to offer a glimpse of the local lifestyle through their phones.

That’s why we encourage everyone who uploads content to our platform, to share authentic and unique stories.

Your point of view is unique

MapHunter celebrates diversity. We want people who use our platform to discover the most authentic places, stories, and experiences on their travels. 

We’re not only looking for tour guides who can recite Wikipedia or history books word for word. We’re also searching for people who can transmit the feeling of visiting a city with a close friend who wants to show you the best of it. Are you an artist passionate about street art? Show us your top picks, and tell us about them. Do you love the architecture of your city and want to create a tour? Great!


How being a MapHunter tour guide can benefit you?

MapHunter is a digital marketing platform where you can promote yourself as a tour guide. It also allows you to connect with travellers without the need of an external agency.
We are working hard to bring you a seamless platform for conducting your business, where you can connect with thousands of travellers at any time and place.
How do I benefit from my videos? 

Digital tips

Travellers who watch your videos will be able to express their thanks for your content and knowledge by leaving a tip.


Every ad that is shown before, during, or after your video will generate income for you.

Private tour reservations

MapHunter will connect you directly with travellers, by removing intermediary agencies, allowing you to create a more personalised private experiences.

Video Views

The more videos you share and languages you use, the larger your MapHunter audience grows.

Join us as we transform the way we travel forever!

Fill out our registration form, and our team will contact you with more information about becoming a Guide in the Maphunter App.


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