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blog post

Kallendresser pulls down his pants in the middle of the city: What is he symbolizing?

You have to know where to look in the Altermarkt or old market to see this peculiar Cologne character. If you look up, to the left of the Brauhaus "Zum Prinzen", at No. 24, you will clearly see the buttocks of the Kallendresser, or, let's put it in a colloquial translation "the one who shits down the pipe". Yes, that's what that word means, it's the name of the sculpture.


Narella Schnabel
28 Nov 22

blog post

Everything you have to know about the Karneval and "happy days" in Cologne

February is a slow month. Even in the usually busiest tourist destinations. However, this is not the case in Cologne. Why? One word: Karneval. Or carnival, in English. The city of Cologne is the absolute centre of Carnival celebrations in Germany. Millions of people flood the streets every year to party before the Lenten season begins on Ash Wednesday. If you have never visited Colo...


Narella Schnabel
23 Nov 22

blog post

Castles and Palaces near Cologne

No trip to Cologne is complete without at least one visit to one of the nearly 20,000 castles that Germany is renowned for having. Although there isn't one in the city itself, the region is home to a number of fascinating castles. Discover our seven top picks:


Narella Schnabel
23 Nov 22

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