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Kallendresser pulls down his pants in the middle of the city: What is he symbolizing?
Cologne, Germany

You have to know where to look in the Altermarkt or old market to see this peculiar Cologne character. If you look up, to the left of the Brauhaus "Zum Prinzen", at No. 24, you will clearly see the buttocks of the Kallendresser, or, let's put it in a colloquial translation "the one who shits down the pipe". Yes, that's what that word means, it's the name of the sculpture.

The statue was created by artist Ewald Mataré and was included in the course of the reconstruction of the building destroyed during the Second World War. 90% of Cologne's old town was left in ashes after the bombing. The original used to hang in the house, which was built in the 18th century and the relief showed a man dressed in a long-sleeved shirt, squatting and revealing his undress from the belly down.

There are several stories that tour guides tell about the origin of this figure.

It is no coincidence that it is located precisely in front of the town hall. From a political point of view, the Kallendresser is symbolically a figure that denies respect to the authorities. It is said that outraged citizens expressed their dissatisfaction with certain decisions and council members through this representation.

Another story tells of a dispute between a craftsman and an untalented musician who lived downstairs. Despite the craftsmen's pleas, the trumpeter did not want to make his rehearsal sessions any more silent to respect the working hours of the people in the market. After many warnings for disturbing the order of the neighbourhood, the artisan got enough. He squatted on the roof and aimed, taking revenge for this attitude with a brown and smelly gift. Everyone saw it. This act leaves a message "don't mess with the Kölners", they are good and kind until they poop on your roof, if you cross the line.

A third version tells of a worker on the roof who, out of laziness, simply defecated down the pipe, as it is more "tedious" to go to the toilet in the middle of work and so it is quicker to use the rain spout.

Much thought has been given to the meaning of the figure. Interpreted imprecisely, some concluded that it meant something like: "If you don't like something, fuck you". Good message for all those who might throw stones in our way, right? Don't miss this curiosity about Cologne's philosophy on your trip through the city!